Meeting room rental

There are a number of factors that will effect the price you pay for your meeting room rental, including:

  • Type of property or venue required.
  • Location of Venue or property.
  • Facilities required.
  • Lead time given to Venue or hotel.
  • What day of the week you require.
  • What month of the year you are looking at.
  • What major events are taking place in that region during the time.
  • What additional requirements you have, for syndicate rooms, bed rooms etc.

Then there is also the different packages you have on offer and ensuring that you select the right package for what you require, so as to ensure that you are not paying for items you do not require. At Applause conference we will manage all of this for you so as to ensure that your budget will stretch as far as possible.

We are able to look at all budgets and requirements for an interview or small meeting room for a couple of hours to a full residential conference requiring event production; team building events and much more.

Types of Meeting rooms

Applause conferences is extremely fortunate to have a huge range of types of meeting rooms available from state of the art, to traditional, from modern to historic, from daunting to inspiring, from city centre to the middle of the countryside, so no matter what you require we will be able to find the right conference rooms for your conference, meeting, training or event.

Layout of Meeting room

Speak to Applause conferences to ascertain what layout you should have for your meeting so as to provide the optimum environment for your conference, meeting, training or event. They layout of the room will effect the number of people you can have in the room and your costs.

Meeting room rental, how much?

The price you pay for a meeting room may vary hugely, however for a small syndicate room for up to 8 people you should be looking to pay between £150 – £300. When it comes to larger meetings it is usually best to switch to a price per person, called a Daily Delegate rate, or DDR for short. DDR’s include:

  • Meeting room hire
  • Tea, Coffee breaks
  • Lunch
  • Pads, stationary
  • Water in the room
  • Flipchart
  • Screen and Projector.

There are also many other inclusions which you can negotiate to be included.

To find out more about the hotels & venues we can offer you please do send us your enquiry. Enquire Now or give us a call on 020 8798 3740

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