Motivational Speakers

What type of motivational speaker do you need?

Do you want to motivate your audience at an upcoming event or business meeting, If so, have you considered inviting someone who can do this for you? A motivational speaker is someone with an amazing life story to tell but it isn’t just the story itself that will motivate the audience, it is the way they tell it and the passion behind it that makes their speeches all the more inspiring.

Putting celebrities on the agenda will certainly generate attention for your event, but it can just as quickly generate disappointment if their platform skills are not up to par.

At Applause conferences we are here to guide meeting planners who hire speakers, who have the training and the experience to captivate a crowd. When considering a professional speaker, you can be assured of our speakers qualifications. Our speakers will provide you:

  • Details on the topics they cover
  • Examples of the types of presentations your speaker gives (seminar, keynote, etc.)
  • Outline of a presentation customised to your audience / event
  • References

When thinking about having a speaker it is important to get the “best deal” for both parties. In order to get the best possible deal be mindful of the following:

  • Location & day(s) of the week, will affect their fees
  • Having multiple engagements back-to-back, in the same geographic location is appealing along with offering them multiple slots (keynote and breakout) can help your deal.
  • If your event is a great showcase for the speaker, they may consider charging less.
  • Allowing your speaker to sell / promote their products at your event can affect fees.

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