Strategic Meeting Management

Successful meetings and events require structure, purpose and clear goals.

Tim Stimpson

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Success does not come by accident but as a result of setting clear goals and purpose for each meetings and event(s) planned. Every action needs to have a purpose and a structure to work within so as to ensure success.

Organisations then become more profitable when they have control over spend, the locations selected and ensuring the correct personnel is in attendance. At Applause Conferences we ensure your activity(s) are booked into the right place / environment, at the right price, identifying trends and opportunities for improvement and savings.

See our Top 5 indicators of a good meeting:

  1. The goal of the meeting is clear
  2. Clear actions are assigned
  3. Action items are followed up on
  4. Decisions get made
  5. An agenda is distributed before

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The Tee to Pin guys are fantastic to work with and did a super job at our conference.They became an extension of our internal team, immersed themselves in the brief and delivered – spot on! Shakespear Martineau Marketing Events Manager.

Precision Organisation

Event Planner

From the most of modern venues to those of historical stately homes, from city centre to the heart of the countryside, from 10 people to 1000 people and above we will ensure that the right venue in selected and negotiated for your event.

We attend regular industry events and our staff carry out a number of site visits and familiarisation trips throughout the year so as to ensure our product knowledge is maintained, throughout our continually developing industry.

  • To find out more why not call us on 020 8798 3740, or email us at

Stand out from your competition

Event Company

For each and every enquiry, where appropriate, we benchmark rates in locations as well as against product types. This enables us to offer the most competitive prices and discounts across a huge variety of venues. We manage the whole RFP process culminating in the delivery of your proposal in one simple email.

To find out more why not call us on 020 8798 3740, or email us at

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